Making it easy for information to find the right people.


We started off as a two-men consulting company in 2012, focusing on digital signage & visual communications strategy consulting. Working closely with our corporate customers and business partners we found out that there’s too much data and not enough resources to pull and visualize the relevant information out of that data.

Ever since we have been driven by a passion to make business information live, visually interesting and easy to understand. Valotalive cloud service was introduced mid 2014 and has been built on those founding thoughts. We are building that future where data is accessible by any screen, is in a visualised format and can be understood at a glance.


Kaijus Asteljoki
Co-Founder & CEO

Among others, meeting the needs of employees and Customers. Proud to be in a team that is building a future where visualised data is accessible on any screen.


Tomi Paajanen
Co-Founder & CGO

Accelerates Valota’s growth with strategic Customers and Partnerships in Europe. Focuses on building the winning sales team and go to market strategy for cloud services.


Mikko Korpelainen
Partner & CTO

Innovates technology solutions and finds new amazing ways to use already established technologies.


Katariina Luukkanen
Partner Account Manager

Raising Partner’s ability to differentiate in the Digital Signage market and grow their business with unique valotalive smart content services.


Antti Ilvonen
Partner Account Manager

Responsible for developing's strategic partnerships in the Nordics. His passion is to work together with our partners to grow their business with digital signage content services and help our customers to gain business value impact.

Jukka Korpelainen
Software Developer

Uses his passion to automate to make tick.

Ahti Kalervo
Developer Trainee

Dives into the world of Digital Signage & real time content services. He is a university student and part of the valotalive trainee program.



We are a young and expanding company. If you think you got what it takes and are interested in what you see. See the join us section for open opportunities!

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Kustaa Valtonen
Partner & Board Member
Investor & Business, Angel, ex HP & Microsoft
Ville Salomaa
Senior Advisor
Director Sales Development Outotec
Jyrki Härme
Senior Advisor
VP Outotec, ex NSN
Juha Kaiponen
Partner & Senior Advisor
OMX Executive (retired)


Meet part of the Valotalive team as they are presenting company's core values


Our customers' and partners' trust towards Valota is the foundation of how we do business.


We want our people to be passionate and work hard with smile on their face. Personal development through inspiring teamwork is something we believe in.

Win - Win partnerships

We believe in mutual success within our ecosystem. We are passionate in helping our Customers to gain business value impact.


We want to make the complex and changing world simple with our expertise and services (Simplify – Focus - Act).

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